Organizational Structure

  • CMA Board of Commissioners

  • Advisory Council for Sharia Supervision

  • Employees Disciplinary Board

  • Disciplinary Board

  • Benefits & Personnel Affairs Committee

  • Advisory Board

  • Advisors Office

  • Complaints & Grievances Committee

  • Internal Audit Committee

  • Secretariat Office

  • Internal Audit Office

  • Chairman of the Board of Commissioners - Managing Director

  • Coordination & Follow-up Office

  • Managing Director's Office

  • Financial Control Office

  • Awareness Office

  • Performance Development & Risk Management Office

  • Strategies Office

  • Public Relations & Media Office

  • International Relations Office

  • Coordination & Follow-up Office Support Services

    • General Services Services Ware- house General Register
      IT Applicat- ions Support Operat- ions Data
      Human Reso- urces Employ- ees Affairs Indemnifi- cation & Perform-ance Assess-ment Training & Develo- pment Work- force Planning
      Financial Affairs & Treasury Budget Treasury Procure- ment Account- ing Contracts & Tenders Review
  • Coordination & Follow-up Office Legal Affairs

    • Litigation & Arbit- ration Litigation Execut- ion Arbitrat- ion
      Invest- igation Administ- rative Invest- igation Supervi- sory Invest- igation
      Legal Studies Studies & Legisla- tion Contracts
  • Coordination & Follow-up Office Supervision

    • On-site Superv- ision Compreh- ensive On-site Super- vision Specific On-site Super- vision and Follow-up AML & CFT
      Off-site Superv- ision Super- vision of Licensed Persons Super- vision of Collective Invest- ment Schemes Super- vision of Listed Compan-ies Develop- ment and Technical Studies
      Corporate Finance & Gover- nance Corpor- ate Finance Gover- nance
      Collective Invest- ment Schemes Investm- ent Funds Collect- ive Invest-ment Schemes Follow-up

      Licensing & Regis- tration

      Licensing Registr- ation and Accredi-tation
  • Coordination & Follow-up Office Markets

    • Markets Survei- llance Trading Survei- llance Market Opera- tions Surve- illance
      Capital Markets Development & Risk- Management Capital Markets Devel- opment Capital Markets Risk Manage- ment

      M & A

      Mergers Acquis- ition

      Disclo- sure

      Disclos- ure of Interests Material Discl- osure Insiders Discl- osure

      Markets Regul- ation

      Listing & Products Trading