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Article 119 Of Chapter 11
Section: Penalties and Disciplinary Actions

A punishment by imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year and a fine of not less than three thousand Dinars and not exceeding ten thousand Dinars, or by either of the these two penalties, shall be incurred by any Person subject to the provisions of this Law who discloses a secret of which he/she became aware by virtue of the nature of his/her work or his/her occupation or position. The penalty shall be imprisonment for a period not exceeding three years and the fine shall be in an amount not less than ten thousand Dinars and not more than one hundred thousand Dinars, or by either of these two penalties, if he/she has been found to have obtained in any manner a benefit, interest or consideration for himself/herself or for others in consideration of the disclosure of a secret or piece of information.


* Article (119) is amended pursuant to Law No. 22 of 2015 Amending Some Provisions of Law No. 7 of 2010 regarding the Establishment of the Capital Markets Authority & Regulating Securities Activities.

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