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Article 73 Of Chapter 7
Section: Acquisitions and Protection of Minority Interests

The Authority shall include in the Executive Bylaws the rules that regulate the operations of a Persons’ ownership of a percentage not less than 5% and not more than 30% of the shares of any Listed Company in the Securities Exchange. Any shareholders referred to in the previous paragraph may challenge the decisions of the General Assembly, if such decisions harm the interests of the minority. They may also appeal to the Board of Commissioners within fifteen days from the date of issuing the challenged decision or knowledge whereof, which is further. The Authority may revoke the decision of the General Assembly if proved harmful; and each party of interest may file an appeal against the decision of the Authority before the Competent Court as per this Law and its Executive Bylaws. If the Authority does not reply to the appeal of the challenged decision within twenty days, it shall be considered as rejected.

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