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Article 63 Of Chapter 5
Section: Regulated Securities Activities

No Person may undertake any of the following activities unless having obtained a license from the Authority indicating the licensed activity or activities:

1 - Securities Broker or its representative.

2 - Investment Advisor or its representative.

3 - Investment Controller.

4 - Investment Portfolio Manager.

5 - Collective Investment Scheme Manager.

6 - Custodian.

7 - Market Maker.

8 - Credit Rating Agency.

9 - Any Person who conducts or participates in any other activity that is deemed by the Authority to be an activity in Securities to be regulated in accordance with the purposes of this Law. One legal Person may be licensed to perform two or more of these activities; and the Bylaws of the Law shall determine the terms and conditions for granting such licenses, as well as the criteria for performing such activities, and the relevant regulations.


* Article (63) is amended pursuant to Law No. 22 of 2015 Amending Some Provisions of Law No. 7 of 2010 regarding the Establishment of the Capital Markets Authority & Regulating Securities Activities.

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