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Article 38 Of Chapter 3
Section: Securities Exchanges

The Securities Exchange shall do the following:

1 - Ensure the existence of a fair, transparent, and efficient Securities Exchange.

2 - Ensure the existence of a management that is aware of the risks associated with its business and operations.

3 - Prioritize the public interest in case of a conflict of interest with the Securities Exchange or its members, shareholders or management.

4 - Adhere to provide and operate its services in accordance with the rules and regulations issued by the Authority.

5 - Adhere to organize its operations, standards of its practices and its members’ behaviors in accordance with the rules, policies and procedures of the Securities Exchange.

6 - Adhere to organize the operations and standards of practices of the companies listed therein and their employees in accordance with the governing regulations.

7 - Adhere to provide its services with the most recent techniques and applications and automated systems in line with the international standards approved or resolved by the Authority.

8 - Maintain the confidentiality of all information under its custody with respect to its members and customers, unless it is required by the law or regulations to publish or disclose such information. It shall not disclose such information except for the Authority or by an order from the Authority or the court.

9 - Abidance by the Authority’s instructions.

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