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Topic: Procedures for Deciding on the Request of License Renewal
11 November 2014
Khaled Al-Kharafi Hall (Kuwait Stock Exchange)

The 5th workshop was entitled " Procedures for Deciding on the Request of License Renewal", which is part of the CMA's awareness program. The speakers discussed the procedures of renewing the license for the ones practicing any type of the securities' activities stipulated in Article (124) of the Executive Bylaw of Law No. 7 of 2010. The aspects covered were as follows: 
- An introduction about the licensed securities' activities.
- The persons concerned with the license renewal.
- The mechanisms and methods of license renewal.
- The form of requirements of licensing the securities' activities.
Participants included the persons concerned with the issues of the securities' activities, and the CMA was represented by the Director of the Licensing and Registration Department, the Director of the Awareness Department, and a representative from the legal Affairs Sector.

  • Mr. Ziad Al-Fulaij : Director of Licensing & Registration Department