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Topic: Field Inspection on Investment Companies
31 March 2015
Khaled Al-Kharafi Hall (Kuwait Stock Exchange)

The Capital Markets Authority (CMA) has concluded its awareness workshops program for the first quarter of 2015. The tenth workshop was held on Tuesday 31/3/2015 in Khaled Al-Kharafi Hall at Kuwait Stock Exchange at 12:30 PM. The workshop was titled "Field Inspection on Investment Companies". It tackled a number of key aspects related to field inspection, which were as follows:

- Vision and aims of Field Inspection Department
- Scope of work of Field Inspection Department
- Licensed persons who are subject to the inspection campaigns
- Tasks and jurisdictions of Field Inspection Department

Additionally, the speakers discussed the statements of CMA-supervised investment companies, the investment funds, and the mechanism of classifying such companies when preparing the field inspection plan. They also talked about the types, stages and requirements of field inspection campaigns.

  • Mr. Ahmed Marafi : Director of awareness Office
  • Mr. Suood Al-Khamis : Representative from the Field Inspection Department
  • Mr. Mohammed Al-Dalqan : Representative from the Field Inspection Department
  • Ms. Aisha Al-Nusf : Representative from the Legal Affairs Sector