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Topic: Workshop (2) - Enforcement of CMA Law (Module 3 of the Executive Bylaws of Law No. 7 of 2010 and its Amendments)
23 November 2015
Khaled Al-Kharafi Hall (Kuwait Stock Exchange)

The topics of the "regulatory framework of complaints and grievances in light of the Law and its Executive Bylaws and their amendments" and "arbitration" were discussed in the second awareness workshop on the amendments of the Executive Bylaws. The aspects tackled were the cases of grievance; its types, forms, and time. Additionally, the complaint cases, concepts, types, forms, and the mechanisms of investigating such complaints were reviewed, as well as the arbitration; its privileges, general principles, its scope of competence and formation of the arbitration institution.

  • Mr. Tareq Aladasani : Director of Litigation & Arbitration Department
  • Mr. Abdulrahman Alkhatrash : Acting Director of Coordination & Implementation Office – Legal Affairs Sector
  • Mr. Moayed Al-Shakhes : Acting Director of Awareness Office