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Topic: Disclosure of Material Information
28 January 2013
Khalid Al-Khorafi Hall (The Stock Exchange)

The "Disclosure of Material Information" workshop was the first to be held as part of such kind of activities. It was directed to the licensed persons, with the participation of representatives of the Disclosure Department, the Legal Affairs Department, in addition to the Awareness Department. It was devoted to discussing the Authority’s Regulation No. (C.M.A./S.S./C.D/2012/2) regarding disclosure of material information and the mechanism of announcing the same. It presented its objective, definition and content, in addition to discussing in detail the time of disclosing the material information and the cases and requirements of postponing the disclosure. It also discussed the mechanism of dealing with rumors and news. It demonstrated selected disclosure cases and unusual trading activities, and the mechanism of disclosing material information. The workshop was concluded by discussing the most frequent important inquiries.

  • Mr. Ahmad Al-Monayes : Director of Continuous Disclosure Department
  • Mr. Omar Al-Moharib : Director of Disclosure Policies Sector
  • Mr. Ibrahim Al-Thowaini : Legal Representative