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Topic: The provisions of the mandatory offer for takeover under the legislation body
14 May 2013
Khalid Al-Khorafi Hall (The Stock Exchange)

The awareness workshop regarding the "Provisions of Mandatory Acquisition Offer According to the Authority's Legislations" was the Authority's second awareness activity. It was dedicated to the Licensed Persons. Participants included representatives from the Acquisition and Merger Department, Legal Affairs Department, and the Awareness Department. It presented general definitions of Mandatory Acquisition, the related parties, and procedures. It also tackled the topic of conflict of interests, actual control, and the required fees for such activity.

  • Mrs. Hanan Gharabally : Director of Acquisition and Merger Department
  • Mr. Sulaiman Al-Othman : Specialist
  • Mr. Fahad Al-Subaih : Senior Financial Specialist
  • Mr. Othman Ali Al-Noghaimish : Legal Representative