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Topic: Corporate Governance Seminar
02 March 2013
Sheraton Hotel

"Corporate Governance" was the topic of the first CMA seminar. This is due to the increasing importance of governance, and its sound practice, particularly after the financial crisis which proved that neglecting the implementation of its principles was one of the main reasons of such a crisis. The seminar was held with the participation of distinguished leaders in the field of corporate governance from the supervisory bodies and the capital markets authorities form many countries like China, Japan, Canada, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, in addition to representatives of international organizations like the World Bank and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, which included three sessions other than the opening session. The seminar had a positive effect on the audience, and the participants as well.

  • Mr. Saleh Mubarak Al-Falah : Chairman of Capital Markets Authority
  • Mr. Giuseppe Vegas : President of the Listed Companies of Italian Securities Exchange National Committee
  • Prof. Christian Kirchner : From the German University of Humboldt and a Professor of Law at the University of Harvard
  • Mr. James Turner : Vice Chairman of Ontario Securities Commission, Canada
  • Mr. Yousef Al-Obaid : Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Kuwait
  • Mr. Alexander Berg : Head of the Corporate Governance Group at the World Bank
  • Mr. Rajeev Kumar : Representative of the Indian National Stock Exchange
  • Mr. Toshio Oya : Assistant Commissioner of International Affairs for the Japanese Financial Services Agency, Japan
  • Mr. Jinan Zhu : Deputy General Manager for the Supervisory Unity for the Companies Listed in Chinese Securities
  • Mr. Young Yo : Advisor at the Federal Financial Supervision Authority in Germany
  • Mr. Ahmed Bin Abdullah Al Al-Sheikh : Chairman of the Corporate Governance Sector at the Saudi Arabian Securities Exchange Authority
  • Ms. Elisa Amigo : Manager of the Middle East and South Africa
  • Ms. Imelda Dunlop : Executive Director of the Pearl Initiative
  • Mr. Andrew Cunningham : Darien Middle East Representative, United Kingdom.
Mr. Sale Mubarak Al-Falah
Mr. Ahmed Bin Abdullah Al Al-Shaikh
Mr. Jinan Zhu
Mr. Toshio Oya
Ms. Elisa Amigo
Mr. James Turner
Mr. Young Yo
Mr. Giuseppe Vegas
Ms. Imelda Dunlop
Mr. Andrew Cunningham
Prof. Christian Kirchner
Mr. Alexander Berg

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